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First I am a disabled veteran who can no longer use or afford my timeshare. I received a phone call at around 9pm around May 28th by a Mark Andrews representing himself as a timeshare broker. He claimed he had 3 people interested in my timeshare.

He claimed it would be sold in 3 weeks and I believed him. He said first I would have to sign an agreement and pay for the advertising before he could sell. $1175 I put it on a credit card. I told him I couldn't afford this and he promised he had my back and it would be gone in 3 weeks.

The contract you sign is for advertising but what he is selling on the phone is he is a broker. You sit back and he does it all. He claimed he got paid by clients to find them a timeshare or a commission when it sold,yet the contract says there is no commissions paid. When he overnighted the contract I called to ask why wasn't anything he claimed on the contract.He again said that after paying the advertising fee he then acts as a broker to sell these listings and again guaranteed me it would be sold within 3 weeks.

You are given 7 days to inform them in writting to get your money back but he made himself unavailable and then when I did reach him he claimed he had a man that wanted it to give him a few days. I called back and the deal fell through but he claimed he had a lady from SC that was oked by her mortgage Co and she was a sure thing. He was just waiting on papers ..Give him 5 days. Called back he said it fell through.

It was all a stall on time. I then talked to a Ed Tyler and said I was lied to and he claimed that Mark had 3 more interested people give him 5 more days..5 more days go by and I call back first neither one is available.This is now 6 weeks has gone by since signing the contract. I call back again and Mark doesn't even have a clue to how many weeks he had my account much less if there is a buyer.

I have filed with the BBB which has 55 other complaints on them and another Ripoff complaint site where there is several complaints.I filed with my credit card to try and get my card reimbursed.

This company US Vacation/ US V Advertising will take your money, and that's the end.

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Thanks for the feedback. I received a call with "buyers waiting for my timeshare". I'm glad I check it out first!


I was scammed too.For anyone else who was just taken by these jerks, there are things you can do!

They are not legit and without complaining to the right people, they will keep stealing from people. Call your state's Attorney General and the Florida AG. Call your credit card company and open a dispute!

The Florida AG takes this kind of thing very seriously because of all the senior citizens who are scammed.These people need to be SHUT DOWN and make an honest living!

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